Here is a brief selection of what has been said about us by our guests, journalists and others:

“ Many thanks for an incredibly wonderful vacation you provided us! We live in America but our hearts remain at Monte Sante Marie…. We hope to organize a return visit soon...”
Alfred & Jacqueline Deramo
New Wilminton, Pennsilvania

“… (You) stay in apartments that have been built directly from the medieval buildings in a village which was once part of the Sienese Republic. There are photography and bird-watching courses as well as being able to watch the milling of olives in the making of olive oil…”
Marzia Tempestini
(I Viaggi of Repubblica newspaper“I remember ‘natural’ vacations”“Mi ricordo vacanze Verdi”)

“ We think of you often and have even started taking Italian lessons! We have to return! We heard that our friends Debra and James stayed with you last autumn as well. They send their best to you and Sparga – that great dog! We hope that you’ll be able to finalize your dream of completing the restoration of Monte Sante Marie.”
Curtis & Mimi Maddox
Denver, Colorado

“The evenings we spent in your beautiful home, your company and stimulating conversations are one of the best memories of our vacation. With you we took a ‘dive’ into the Tuscany we thought was only in literature. Many Thanks!”
James & Debra Oliver
Telluride, Colorado

“Located in the heart of the Sienese Clay Area (Crete Senesi), the village-castle of Monte Sante Marie, in the borough of Asciano, presents itself in the capacity of agroturism. Originally built, perhaps, as an oratory and resting place for travelers along the river Scialenga, today it is inhabited by two when up until the end of World War II there were almost 600…”
Jacopo Chiostri (‘BEL’ITALIA’ Magazine, October 2000, “Memories of glory of Tuscan mannerisms” “Ricordi di gloria tra i manieri toscani”)

“....a village that is just wounded but extremely alive. All of the merit goes to a man who is ‘a little’ head-strong and ‘a little romantic’: Stefano, 40, who, with his wife, Daniela, and his immense vinyl record collection decided to live here. It is truly a enormous job but the results are visible to the naked eye: this is how Monte Sante Marie entered in to the Honor Register of Historic Tuscan Dwellings (Albo d’oro delle Dimore Storiche della Toscana)…”

Riccardo Chiari (‘IL MANIFESTO’ newspaper, August, 2000 “Operation Ressurection” “Operazione resurrezione”)

“… best qualities are that there is little rhetoric and a noble sense of sobriety that is embodied in the village: from it’s owners to their lifestyle. I learned more in a week at Monte Sante Marie than from spending years at the beach under an umbrella!”
Angelo Pezzetti